The Tinder date

Ah, yes. Tinder. Maybe you were closeted before college and finally gained the courage to turn on the ‘everyone’ filter when you got to Evanston. Cue seeing everyone from your discussion section, the barista at your favorite coffee shop and half your friends. As a bisexual, you’re pretty much covering the town’s entire population, and you may feel pressured to date all the attractive people in your radius. Unfortunately, that’s simply not possible; plus, you likely won’t ever message the hottie who sits four rows from you in Russian Lit.

The friend's ex

Let’s be real: The queer circles here are small. The RTVF queers mix with the WNUR queers who mix with the theatre queers, and so on. The likelihood you’ll end up with a friend’s ex is high, particularly as a bisexual. Even without any ill will, you’ll have some explaining to do when you run into your SO’s ex on a date at that new vegan place.

Someone who looks just like you

It’s true that people occasionally go for their carbon copies (i.e. that Broad City episode). Plus, most Northwestern queers wear the same Levi’s high-waisted jeans, Doc Martens and turtlenecks. Then there’s the emerging mullets, bobs and buzz cuts that are all the rage within our community. We can’t help it that we all look extremely stylish while remaining highly functional.

A baby queer

Everyone has their first queer date that comes after years of compulsory heterosexuality. After being trained to lust after the opposite sex, you’ll finally reach the point when you’re ready to explore some other options. You’ve likely been the baby queer or you’ve dated one. If not, expect the following questions: Do your parents know? How’d you come out? What’s your favorite Carly Rae Jepsen album?

Someone who's actually straight

For those seeking WLW and MLM relationships, things can get confusing. Say there’s a cute guy you consistently pass in Kresge who wears a single dangling earring – is he into men? It’s hard to tell these days as straight people bring their clothing and accessories further and further into gay territory. An invitation for coffee could be either an innocent friend-encounter or foreplay, but you won’t know until you straight-up ask (no pun intended).