Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson believes that holding onto hope for America’s political future is “a moral imperative.”

“I have hope,” said Williamson. “I think we’re going to have to show a lot of conviction, commitment, and courage in order to save our democracy.”

The New York Times bestselling author and Newsweek opinion columnist will take questions from Northwestern students at a Political Union town hall on Feb. 10.

Looking to the future, Williamson thinks young people have “their finger on the pulse” of social movements. Connecting with them is an opportunity to learn, said Williamson – she finds them both informative and inspiring.

Williamson ran as a potential Democratic candidate to face Donald Trump in 2020, and she expressed frustration and disappointment in the party’s current trajectory.

“For those of us who have more progressive sensibilities, we’re tired of feeling peripheralized and even squashed and largely unwelcome by the corporatist elements of the Democratic party,” said Williamson.

Last month, Williamson spoke to The New York Times regarding her feelings on the unsustainable nature of the two-party political system. However, she also said that third-party candidates present challenges of their own.

“I grew up in a time when the Democratic party was an unquestionable channel for the highest aspirations for the working class in the United States,” said Williamson. “The fact that it has so drifted in the direction of what I see as unacceptable compromises with corporate power presents a challenge,” she continued.

Williamson explained that some voters will remain in the Democratic party, while some may feel drawn to join a third party. Others, she said, would continue to wrestle with the decision: “Some of us, like myself, are still living the question and not yet sure of the answer.”

Regardless of party affiliation, Williamson’s greatest fear in ‘post-Trump America’ is that we are not yet truly post-Trump.

“My greatest concern is that Democrats will not mount an effective enough opposition to Trump-like forces to win the 2024 election, or any others.”

As for what the ideal next President of the United States might look like, Williamson did not name anyone, but had a clear image in mind: “She’s very smart. She’s a lot of fun. She suffers no fools. She takes no prisoners when it comes to delivering this country from the clutches of corporate power.”

Political Union’s town hall with Williamson will be held in Lutkin Hall on Feb. 10, at 7:00 PM. Register for tickets here.

Thumbnail: “Marianne Williamson” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.