Thumbnail by Lauren Jin / North by Northwestern

It’s very rare that I’m viewing the Northwestern campus from my actual height. And no, this is not some pseudonymic column from a frat boy who sees everything from 6’1" I promise guys I’m actually that tall (but imagine if it was). No, I’m just yet another queer liberal arts student who practically sleeps in platform shoes.

And you should, too.

Look. I have a long stride for someone who can’t reach the top of my wardrobe. I've learned over a few years of having tall friends that it’s in my best interest to move with Haste (capital H). So I’ll take any help I can get, especially if it’s in the form of a slightly-ridiculous-but-super-cute shoe.

On any given day, you’ll find me in my platform Converse, a comfy and casual way for me to add a couple inches to my height and feel a little less ridiculous power walking to my 9:30 at the Block Museum (because why not?).

Cloudy with a chance of Docs? Absolutely. I’ve got two pairs of Docs (a black pair and the love of my life, a maroon pair that I will wear until I die). If it’s rainy and I don’t want to taint my beautiful new Converse, I’ll break out the boots.

On weekends, I bust out the big guns: no less than four inches for stomping down Sheridan to some Shanley show that absolutely doesn’t warrant the clompers. There’s nothing better than an awkward half-run across the street after my friends (all wearing sensible shoes that won’t cause blisters).

And yeah, let’s talk blisters. I’ve had my fair share, courtesy of concerts in heeled cowboy boots and poor sock choices. But really, beauty is pain. And wouldn’t you rather see the world from a whole new perspective? Sacrifices have to be made.

Because let me tell you, Northwestern is so much more beautiful at 5’9”. Here’s all the things I saw today while wearing 5 inch heels:

My roommate’s face.

The top of my wardrobe.

Fully over the bathroom stall in the Deering basement (OK, that one’s a little concerning).

But my point is that while you live your comfortable life in your beat-up Air Forces and normal Converse, I’m over here with sore legs, blisters and a beautiful view over the top of your head.

So next time you make a trip to Crossroads or spend way too much money online shopping, check out the shoes. It just might change your life.