Who’s watching Watcher?

The name might be familiar to fans of the popular Youtube show Buzzfeed Unsolved, hosted by the intrepid believer Ryan Bergara and his chaotic, skeptic friend Shane Madej. The mysterious Watcher was one of the many unsolved cases Bergara and Madej have covered (and made fun of) on their show.

Now, the Watcher has a new meaning - it's the name of the production studio Bergara, Madej, and Steven Lim - host of Buzzfeed’s Worth It series - have created on their own. A place of complete creative freedom that would allow them actual ownership of their content, Watcher Entertainment was launched in January of this year.

Since then, the three creatives, alongside their team, have created many hilarious, heartwarming and downright weird shows that have been carrying me through my 2020 existential dread.

The creativity coming from Watcher is one-of-a-kind. Its Youtube channel is home to at least eleven different shows as of right now. Upon one glance, you can see the sheer diversity of thought that comes from Watcher. For example, one of its more well-known shows is Puppet History, which features a homemade theater and an entire cast of puppets that offer comical insight into the most unknown parts of history. Lim has hosted his own food-related shows such as Grocery Run, where he interviews different celebrities during a grocery shopping trip. Bergara himself has shows like Spooky Small Talk, where he interviews celebrities in haunted houses amidst various terrifying jumpscares.

Watcher’s newest shows only elevate this brand of uniqueness further. Too Many Spirits follows the fan-favorite duo Bergara and Madej as they get progressively drunker from Lim’s bartending while reading (and butchering) various ghost stories. (While social distancing and drinking responsibly, of course).


There are too many different shows, all great in their own way, to highlight concisely. The point, however, is that Watcher is a platform that deserves your attention.

This is partially because some of Buzzfeed’s best minds are behind the channel. Buzzfeed Unsolved is arguably Buzzfeed’s most successful and popular show, while Buzzfeed Worth It comes in a close second.

However, I think one of the greatest things about Watcher is that the relationships between its creators are genuine. Much of the personality and authenticity of Watcher’s shows comes from the fact that, ultimately, this was a passion project started between three best friends. It’s like taking a peek at someone else’s most wonderful adventures, the kind that will end up on the play-back reel of their life’s most treasured memories. Audiences can feel that love, and that’s what makes Watcher special.

To be even more transparent toward their viewers, the Watcher boys have documented their journey in creating their company on Youtube, an exhilarating yet terrifying process that included failure, setbacks and ultimately a worthwhile venture.

At the heart of Watcher is also the representation it offers. Two out of three founders are people of color who don’t shy away from bringing up their ethnicities and cultures - whether it’s in a little comment on the side or the focus of an entire show. However, Bergara and Lim aren’t tokenized for diversity points - they are brilliant content creators and hosts of color who elevate the channel through their ideas and let viewers see a little bit more of themselves represented on a screen.

Companies like Watcher serve as inspiration for aspiring creators and entrepreneurs alike. It is a testament to the value that comes with taking a risk, especially when you take that risk with friends.

So, who’s watching Watcher?

I definitely am, and I hope you will too.