6:30 AM.
The sun still sleeps,
the air is dark – why am I

Running down the stairs
15 minutes become a blur
until a chilly blow of wind
slaps me out the house
and the door slams shut.
My body is thrusted into the cold
while my tongue still burns – I need more time
to drink my wonton soup.

Numb legs carry me
to the corner of the block
and now my fingers are red, not at all
a pretty sight – how did I forget my gloves
again? A defeated sigh escapes, white
against my black surroundings.
Other small specs of white
float into my vision.
My eyes catch a faint yellow glow
Framed perfectly by the droplets
Of white snow
atop the lamp post a few feet away.

The air is still cold,
the sun won’t rise today, my fingers
flush a deeper red.

Time stills and my eyes snap
a photo of the blooming yellow
and white gradient against the black backdrop
to remember this time when
winter has never felt