With impeachment on everyone’s mind, it may be easy to let some other important news stories go unnoticed.  Luckily, we’re here with this week’s recap to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Paris Knife Attack

This week, a veteran police employee managed to sneak a knife through security at the police headquarters in Paris, killing four of his colleagues before being shot dead in the building’s courtyard.

The attack follows rising discontent and a record number of police suicides among French officers. On Wednesday, the day before the attack, thousands of law enforcement officers demonstrated in the French capital against poor working conditions and mounting public disrespect.

The suspect’s motivations for carrying out the attack remain unknown.

Sanders’ Heart Attack

On Tuesday night, 78-year-old Senator Bernie Sanders was admitted to a Las Vegas hospital after experiencing chest pains, prompting doctors to insert two stents in a blocked artery. It wasn’t until Friday night, however, that his campaign confirmed this to be a heart attack. Sanders was filmed leaving the hospital waving to onlookers. He plans to take some time off the campaign trail and spend it in his home state of Vermont. The incident is likely to heighten the scrutiny on the ages of other top Democratic candidates. (We’re looking at you, Biden and Warren).

If only a small proportion of Sanders’ heart muscle was damaged, he should make a full recovery. Today, recovering from a heart attack is more dependent on possible medical issues, such as lung problems, than age.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Rick Resigns

Rick Perry, who aggressively promoted a fossil fuel agenda during his tenure, plans to step down from his position as Energy Secretary by December. Under his direction, however, the Energy Department failed to revitalize languishing coal and nuclear power plants, and has continually flirted with oil and gas development while seeing to the reduction of renewable energy sources.

According to two unnamed sources, Perry has begun to wind down his side projects at the agency and has cleared his calendar after December. All this comes after weeks of congressional scrutiny over his role in promoting coal and natural gas in Ukraine.

Harvard Admissions

On Tuesday, a federal judge rejected the accusation that Harvard intentionally discriminated against Asian American applicants. The lawsuit against the university was issued by Students for Fair Admission, a group looking to overturn a Supreme Court precedent allowing race to be considered in the admissions process while prohibiting the use of racial quotas. The group accused Harvard of favoring black and Hispanic applicants over another racial minority.

According to Judge Allison D. Burroughs, Harvard met the rigid constitutional standard for using race as a factor of admission. In her decision, she wrote about the importance and benefits of creating a diverse campus to foster tolerance and acceptance that will eventually make race considerations obsolete. However, the judge claimed that Harvard could do more to deal with unconscious biases of the admissions officers, noting explicit guidelines developed during litigation.

Trump’s Goes Medieval

This week, President Trump revealed one of his proposed solutions to the migrant question. The President has often seriously suggested to advisors the digging of a moat at the US-Mexico border that would be replete with snakes and alligators. He also wanted a 2,000 mile long electrified fence with spikes sharp enough to pierce flesh.

After being told by his advisers that publicly advocating for soldiers to shoot migrants who throw rocks is illegal, Trump suggested to his aids that they shoot migrants in the legs to slow them down.

To his advisors’ and aids’ opposition to his border plans, the president responded, “You are making me look like an idiot.”