It’s Feb. 14. You know it’s the holiday of boxed chocolates, roses, and teddy bears, but you don’t have anyone special. I am here to tell you that’s OK. Maybe you’re waiting for the right one, or maybe you’re enjoying that single life and working on yourself. Whatever the reason may be, don’t be afraid to celebrate the holiday with some self-love and most importantly, chocolate.

I have been on both sides of the situation here – both cuffed and single on Valentine’s Day. Take it from me that having someone on Valentine’s Day isn’t as great as it seems. Sure, it can be nice getting chocolate or flowers from someone you love, but it’s a pretty cliché holiday to celebrate with your partner. Here’s a guide on how to live out your single Valentine’s Day dream.

First, save some cash! Contrary to popular opinion, college students are not made of money. There’s simply no need to buy that $40 box of chocolates for your date. Instead, steal from your cuffed friends who were gifted those stupid boxes of overpriced chocolates. Or, if you’re feeling like making a friend’s day, buy them something nice. Otherwise, you can treat yourself by taking advantage of all the shopping deals and buy that necklace you’ve been keeping an eye on.

Even better, buy a cheaper box of chocolates for yourself because, let’s be real, taste does not depend on price. No one ever said that those 20-count variety packs of candy were for more than one person. So, buy yourself that big bag of candy hearts, and, as my favorite activity yet, read aloud those cute phrases of endearment to yourself. You get a “HUG ME” candy? Give yourself a hug. You get an “ALL MINE” heart? Then yes, that box of candy is all for you and no one else. If you pick a “TEXT ME” then send yourself a sweet text, reminding yourself of all your best qualities, like that smile that lights up a room and the power you have to bring out the best in yourself.

Next, instead of getting pollen allergies from roses, simply view the leafless trees that are all around our campus while you freeze in sub-zero temperatures. By doing this, you can avoid keeping the flowers in your dorm in the vase you definitely don’t have. Imagine the hours you’ll save by not having to care for another living thing; taking care of yourself is hard enough in college. Instead of having to water some wilting flowers, make sure that you and your single friends are drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated.

Now, let me tell you why you shouldn’t want a cuddly bear either. When that couple that met on Tinder finally realizes it wasn’t meant to be and that they were just each others’ rebounds, that fluffy stuffed animal only becomes a cuddly-yet-painful reminder of a relationship that was doomed from the start.

Maybe you’re not feeling Feb. 14 at all. If this is the case, go all out on February’s true holiday: Galentine’s Day, which is on Feb. 13, originally founded by Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope. It is a holiday for women to celebrate their female friendships. Though Leslie celebrates her female friends through waffle brunches and gifting each friend mosaic tiles of their faces, take this day to celebrate your friends and fully exhaust yourself so that Feb. 14 becomes a blur. You can organize a MOD lunch date, treat yourself to a delightful Plex stir fry, or even enjoy the scenery from Mudd’s freakishly quiet North Study Lounge.

I hope that you now feel more prepared to take on this day of love and couples as a proud, single person. Let’s bring that single energy to Valentine’s Day by being grateful that the frigid month of February has at least given us a candy-centered holiday. Even though you don’t have a special someone romantically, don’t forget to show your friends how much you appreciate them and take some time for yourself.

Thumbnail graphic by Giovana Gelhoren.