Northwestern students looking for love often realize too late that they were ignorant of traits that should’ve sent them running for the hills. At Northwestern, there are a few instant deal-breakers (theatre major living in Bobb, wearing a Purple Pride shirt past Wildcat Welcome), but some questionable qualities evade even the most eagle-eyed students on the hunt for their perfect partner. Fear not, because NBN has compiled a list of the top five red flags for you to look out for!


The comedic improv narcissist

Zip, zap, zop! Let’s play an improv game: whose quick wit is actually lies in disguise? Got it! Improv enthusiasts! You may think their charisma is charming at first, but most people who think they’re funny are really just narcissists. Improv-ers will never say “I love you, too” — they’ll only say “Yes, and.” People who are good at improv are great at telling lies on the spot, like about where they were last Saturday night or whether they’ve been DMing that one girl from their RTVF class. Steer clear.