No doubt you have felt the temperature drop, and with the cold weather comes the need to be warm. However, this doesn’t mean you have to layer up with your old hoodies and look as if you just came out of bed.  If you don’t feel like completely forfeiting your style, these tips are for you.

1)   Boots

When dressing for cold weather, boots may become a great replacement for your regular tennis shoes. If you are looking for true warmth, however, this won’t be of much help to you because there aren’t really that many options of snow boots. For days of not so extreme weather, any kind of leather boots paired with warm socks should do you justice. If you are feeling more fancy, go for heels (square or platforms ones are better if you plan to walk in your boots though) or ankle boots in general. For a warm party mood, knee high boots are a great option, especially if you have to walk to your venue. For more of a street-style, Moto boots are super in and go really well with any pair of jeans and are very warm (and usually waterproof, as they are leather).

The best part about boots though? You can wear them with either short or long bottoms, depending on how cold it is. Best shoes ever, in my opinion.

2)   Tights

Remember those ripped jeans you love? As it gets cold, you might feel that you should  stop wearing them. Doing this for me would just prove my mother’s point that I should’ve bought the regular ones. But worry not, because here comes the savior of the day: tights! If you have a more classic style, just pair the plain ones with your choice of pants, shorts, skirts, or any bottoms that you want to be warmer. However, if you are feeling a little extra, try adding some colors or prints. This way, those summer/fall clothes won’t be clumping your tiny wardrobe and you’ll be able to rock your favorite bottoms all year long. (PS: if you are a Gossip Girl fan, Blair has a TON of looks with tights)

3)   Layering

What tights are to bottoms, layering is to tops. We all know summer clothes are much cuter than winter ones (mostly because you see them a lot more, as they are not under 3000 other items), so why not incorporate all those T-shirts in your winter looks? The basic look is a long-sleeve shirt underneath whatever top you love, and a great tip is to play with colors. Remember that neon high neck top you bought and never found a way to style? It doesn't look nearly as extra under that white short sleeve you have. Also, playing with different fabrics and textures is fun! For example, wearing a long-sleeve under a shirt under a wool sweater and leaving a part of each showing will give you a fancier-looking outfit that looks super well planned.

4)   Accessories

Again, this isn’t a piece of clothing, and not even something that makes you warm. But accessories can be your side-kicks to turn a super basic look into something more interesting. Let’s face it, there will come a time in the quarter that you’ll simply feel the need to wear your NU hoodie. However, you don’t need to look like you’re wearing PJs. That’s where accessories come in: add a belt and tuck your hoodie into your pants, that will already make your look much more put together. Put some jewelry on and no, this doesn’t mean buying 24k stuff, even the cheapest  accessories will make you look great.  A scarf could also be a great addition, as not only will it make your look more stylish but it will also keep you warmer. Win-win, I would say.

5) Jackets

Probably the easiest style tip one could ever think of, but it’s always good to highlight how incredible they are. Whether you’re wearing a super girly outfit and want to break it a little, or you’re wearing a super basic t-shirt & jeans combo, that leather jacket can be what brings your look to the next level. Also, so as to survive the Evanston weather, windbreakers are a definite must. The upside is that an oversized one, paired with leggings and whatever top is by itself a great look. Bonus points for the waterproof ones, as it seems to be raining at least three  times a week here. This season, the trend seems to be the Teddy Bear Jackets, coming in the widest variety of colors. And those go well with both casual day looks and over a fancier outfit for the night, like a black short dress. Also, they're very warm and cozy — what else could you ask for? Finally, NU students’ ultimate favorite is definitely the puffer jacket.

Want to buy some of these key items but can’t afford much (SOS tuition)? Check our guide on thrift shopping or hit up these Chicago spots when you tire of Crossroads. Hope you all stay warm and cozy; I’ll probably become a human popsicle for being so freaking frozen.