How can you tell spring has sprung at Northwestern? The sheer number of hammocks on the Lakefill. Even if you don’t own one, deep down, we’re all a certain type of hammock person at heart. Not to worry, NBN’s got it all figured out.

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Hammocking time! Where are you setting up on the lakefill?

South, to get that view of the city

Wherever there's space — it's packed!

North, tons of trees to put hammocks together. Might see an athlete!

How will you see it if you're all wrapped up?

TBH I've got an even better view

Uh... hadn't thought about that

Why didn't you come earlier?

I thought I'd be early enough!

I was already at the beach #noregrets

Social vibes... What else are you up to?

Listening to Tame Impala

Online school :(


My s/o ;)

The trees and the sky :)

Which way are you sitting?



Amazing. Attempting a hammock stack?

Already sharing my hammock!


Why risk the lakefill WiFi?

Doesn't everyone do this?

Sucks less with friends

You are...


You’re hanging (haha) out with your friends all right — watching them from the comfort of your ‘mock while they sit on the ground. You know there’s a perfectly good Facebook Campus towel sitting in the back of your closet, yet there you sit. It’s okay, though — your friends still love you even if you ask them to repeat everything they’re saying. You just can’t hear them from your synthetic throne.

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You are...


Ah, young love. There’s nothing more romantic than swaying in a nylon sack together in front of the entire campus. Sure, the extra weight from two people curves the hammock enough so you get a little privacy, but when a passer-by sees two forms wriggling around, they’ll definitely know what’s up. It’s like hooking up in the tent at the Rock, just with much less privacy and gravity working against you.

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You are...


Sweet child. You are only a few inches off the ground. If you move too much, your butt fully makes contact with the damp grass. But you are determined to become a “hammock person,” so you stay put like a captain that refuses to abandon their ship or that string quartet in Titanic. Maybe next time whip out the WikiHow guide.

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You are...

Crunchy Granola

You’ve been slinging yourself up into the trees since way before you got to college. Your Birkenstocks peek out just enough for us to know you mean business, and you’re undaunted by more advanced maneuvers like the hammock stack. Not even the Northwestern gnats can ruin your perfect GORP-core vibe.

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