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Letter from the Editor




Springing into action

Warm weather welcomes a budding number of outdoor activities for on-campus students.

I forgot how to talk to people

How the pandemic changed the way we socialize

Northwestern in three words

Students reflect on the highs and lows of their Northwestern experience.

The culture behind the cut

Asian students find cultural connections and affordable haircuts at Evanston and Chicago salons.

All the world’s a stage

Performers take their stage outdoors in the pursuit of live audiences.

Dance Floor

Vaxxed vacation

As vaccination rates go up and masks come off, students look forward to summer.

RE: Morty's legacy

Three students on how they will remember our outgoing president Morton Schapiro — in 250 words or less.

The consulting craze

Why Northwestern students are drawn into consulting jobs year after year

Serving from afar

What volunteer-based clubs did to navigate a virtual year

Dating Despite Distance / Q&A with Prof. Alexandra Solomon

How love has sparked and survived during the pandemic

Paging Doctor Zoom

Students reflect on how the pandemic has impacted their experience on the pre-med track.

One step forward, two steps back

Evanston residents grapple with a reparations bill that does little to repair more than a century of harm.

Bezos v. Bookends & Beginnings

Bookends & Beginnings fights for the survival of the independent bookstore in court.


a women's basketball player

Uneven playing field

Amid reports of sexism in the NCAA, Northwestern’s female athletes weigh in on their treatment at home.

Let's talk about fatness.

Students discuss fatphobia on campus and reclaim the word “fat” as their own.

All work & no play?

Some students find that work-study jobs interfere with a full-time education and college experience.

Teaching on shaky ground

Over the past year, the rift between Northwestern faculty and administration has only grown.

Photo Story

La Cocinita is rolling your way

The Venezuelan-style restaurant’s food truck drives business during the pandemic and helps serve the community.


Fake it till you make it

McLovin’ it or McLeavin’ it? Fake IDs and their real consequences

Freshly baked

A (high) trip through Evanston’s chocolate chip cookies

Bringing sexy SPAC

NBN's guide to working out (kind of).

School spirits

A curated cocktail menu for each and every Northwestern school


Which Lakefill hammocking stereotype are you?