Winter 2020 Magazine
Letter from the Editor


Dear reader,

A few short months ago, when this magazine existed only as a glimmer in our eyes, we called upon the Northwestern student community to pitch the stories it cared about most. Among many serious and absurd ideas, we received over a dozen pitches on stories about environmentalism and sustainability.

So we attempted something this magazine has never done before, and created a special section to highlight some of these stories. On Environmentalism touches on the ways the Northwestern community interacts with our Earth, from physical manipulations of our campus landscape to the nostalgic connections we share with nature. One issue could never explore all the important work being done in administrative offices, in classrooms, in protests, or in late-night conversations to address climate change and its effects. With this section, we create a starting point.

In these pages, you will also find pieces explaining the rise of the women’s basketball team and the reasons why Caps is the only drinking game you should play. We consider the experience of watching a friend be hospitalized and the important work of intimacy choreographers in student theater productions.

Each quarter, the editorial staff guides writers in the process of transforming a nascent pitch into a fully written, checked and copy-edited story. The creative team makes photographs, illustrations and designs that bring each piece to life. The NBN corporate team works tirelessly to fund the publication of the issue you now hold. We produce this magazine on top of class work, jobs, rehearsals, meetings for other organizations and (often futile) attempts to get a healthy dose of sleep. Student journalism is a labor of love.

We hope that our work informs you, entertains you and, above all, inspires you.

Happy reading,


On Environmentalism



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