Fall 2019 Magazine


The lone major

Forty majors they don’t mention on the tour.

Rachel Schonberger

Inside the archives

Northwestern’s storied past and the archivists who preserve it.

Isaac Sultan

Drunchie destinations

We reviewed Evanston’s few and far between late-night dining options.

Tabor Brewster

McKenzie's declassified college survival guide

Eat, pray, dub dub love.

Susanna Kemp

Odd 1 Out

Why is Northwestern still Chicago’s Big 10 team?

Tara Wu

Girls went to college and got more knowledge

Celebrating 150 years of women at Northwestern.

Samantha Aguilar

Dance Floor

Soundtrack to Sheridan

Tunes for the trek from Lincoln to the Arch.

Ethan Shanfeld

Quiet on set

Small class sizes limit RTVF students' ability to create films.

Hannah Feuer

We regret to inform you

When a club’s acceptance rate is lower than Northwestern’s.

Cadence Quaranta

RE: Epiphanies

Northwestern students told us about their ‘aha’ moments — in 150 words or less.

Marcelo Quesada, Evelyn Long and Jackson Miller

Old school

How Northwestern’s oldest undergraduates navigate college.

Madison Smith

Professor politics

Leadership’s attempts to distinguish faculty views from the University’s.

Julia Richardson


Hitting the brakes

When Northwestern outsourced Safe Ride, the school left behind the people who relied on it most.

Michael Korsh

After the meal plan

Despite Northwestern’s prestige and price tag, some students still struggle with food insecurity.

Wyatte Grantham-Phillips

The panic to stay

The uncertainty of getting (and keeping) a student visa in the age of Trump.

Amy Ouyang


Buried under red tape, students struggle to utilize on-campus resources.

Kalen Luciano


The 5 people you (bisexuals) date at NU

NBN staff

What kind of plant parent are you??

Find your newest foliate friend!

Maia Spoto

NU tears left to cry

The best and worst places to weep on campus.

Maya Mojica

Square up

Slept through fall quarter? Here's what you missed.

NBN Staff