NBN Spring 2020 Online Magazine


I Dare Me

NBN followed three students who challenged themselves to achieve something new during isolation.

Written by Laurisa Sastoque

In Love During Lockdown

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...right?

Written by Christina Van Waasbergen

Thrifted Therapy

Students share their therapists' best nuggets of wisdom.

Written by Sarah Meadow

In 300 Words or Less...

We collected data from 50 "Why Northwestern" essays; these are the words that got us in.

Written by Rayna Song

Tune In to Tune Out

The music, movies and shows that will help you escape from quarantine.

Written by Yaakov Gottlieb

A World sans Serif

The students behind Northwestern's premier scheduling supplement.

Written by Teresa Nowakowski

Evanston Eats

A taste of Evanston at home.

Written by Nathan Omprasadham

Network to Get Work?

Pre-professional Wildcats join LinkedIn’s elusive and not-so-exclusive 500 Connection Club.

Written by Kubair Chuchra


Freedom of Tweets

Why has Twitter become a microcosm of the collegiate political atmosphere?

Written by Gabrielle Rabon

Commitment Day

Students who put on a ring before a cap and gown.

Written by Elise Hannum

TikTok on the Clock

Put a finger down if you downloaded the ubiquitous app TikTok during quarantine.

Written by Rachel Schonberger

Home Run

With their seasons upended, student-athletes adapt to at-home training.

Written by Jordan Hickey

Far From Home

A campus cleared out, these students had to stay behind.

Written by Isaac Sultan

Home for the Holidays

How students of faith are adapting to virtual worship.

Written by Emily Cerf

RE: What You Left Behind

Students reflect on the people, objects and feelings they’ve left behind in 250 words or less.

Written by Various Contributors

Racism Unmasked

As historical patterns of anti-Asian racism resurface, Asian and Asian American students at Northwestern search for community.

Written by David Deloso and Grace Deng


Remaking the Grade

How the University's adoption of universal pass/fail grading polarized its student body.

Written by Sylvia Goodman

Overlooked Overseas

The quintessential college experience can leave marginalized students disconnected from their peers.

Written by Cynthia Zhang

Risk of Return

While governments issue "safer at home" orders, for some students, home is no safe haven.

Written by Jenna Greenzaid

Out of Service

After the pandemic struck, campus workers have struggles to remain financially whole.

Written by Tara Wu

Photo Story

Color Coding

For LGBTQ+ students, expressive hairstyles are more than just a trim.

Written by Niki Amir


Zoom Doom

What’s the worst that could happen in online school? Turns out everything.

Written by Linda Shi

Board in the House

Spicing up family game night - NBN style.

Written by Ethan Shanfeld // Designed by Alisa Gao

Reopening the Yearbook

It's like "High School Musical," but with less singing and half your former classmates have already peaked.

Written by Andrew Kwa

Shaken, not Stir Crazy

We're not saying you should go to Zoom school drunk... unless?

Written by Gia Yetikyel

What's Your Corona Persona?

Take the quiz to find out.

Written by Emma Kumer

The Chloe Ting Effect

During quarantine, everything's a home gym if you try hard enough. But why bother?

Written by Christine Potermin